Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossoms

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossom Cookies on a black wire rack with candies

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossoms are a fun twist on a classic Christmas cookie! If you love cookies & cream, you’ll love these soft and chewy cookies!

Christmas cookies are one of my favorite things about this season.

Of course I eat and love cookies throughout the year, but there’s something so comforting and festive about cookies during the Christmas season. They just taste a little extra sweeter for some reason! Just like the inexplicable reason why Easter candy tastes the best over any other holiday candy. I cannot explain why Reese’s Eggs taste a million times better in pastel rainbow colors than when they’re done up in orange and black for Halloween. Call it one of life’s mysteries, who knows.

But seriously, who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? They evoke so much joy, whether you’re in the kitchen baking them or gifting them to family and friends. These Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossoms also happen to be great for gifting since they’re simple to make, taste amazing, and are such a great twist on the classic peanut butter blossom cookies!

I’m not a big peanut butter fan (shocking I know, since I just raved about Reese’s Eggs a few sentences ago) so I loved this take on the blossom cookie. It consists of a soft and chewy chocolate sugar cookie that gets baked until it is puffy and perfect and then gets crowned with a cookies & cream Hershey’s Kiss. Yes, they make cookies & cream Kisses now!

Chocolate cookies & cream cookies scattered on a black wire rack

If you can’t find the actual cookies & cream Kisses (which I found no problem at Walmart and Target), you could also use Hershey’s Hugs which are chocolate and vanilla and would work great here! The cookies & cream Kisses have actual cookie pieces in them though, which is more of an authentic cookies & cream flavor!

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossoms arranged on a black wire rackThe best part are these cookies are no-chill, so you can make them and eat them in under an hour!

Chocolate Cookies & Cream Blossoms – these will be your new fave!!

Closeup chocolate cookies & cream cookie on a wire rack