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This delicious bourbon smash is perfect for the festive period! Easy and quick to make, it’s a warming drink filled with flavors of cranberry and orange.

orange cranberry bourbon smash cocktails in glasses

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe

Let’s be honest, during the holiday season, there’s never a bad time for a cocktail! This bourbon smash is simple to make and is sure to warm your soul!

We think this fun bourbon smash is just perfect for Thanksgiving. Bright flavors and colors and tastes like autumn charm.

Flavors of ginger, rosemary, cranberry and orange make this bourbon drink a winner! This makes for a great signature cocktail to serve up. Topped with ginger ale, it’s tangy and earthy with just the right amount of tang.

For more holiday cocktails, be sure to try my Sugared Cranberry Mimosas and if bourbon is your thing, you have to try this Orange Bourbon Slush!

Why you will love this orange cranberry bourbon smash!

  • Easy: This is a really simple cocktail to make, simply muddle the ingredients together and pour!
  • Quick: This is a great cocktail to serve up if you are entertaining a few people. It’s super quick to make up several of these drinks in one go.
  • Easy drinker: This is a great cocktail for those that are lighter drinkers, with one shot of alcohol they are great sippers.
photos of thanksgiving dinner
cranberry bourbon smash made with cranberry sauce
cranberry cocktails next to thanksgiving dinner

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Bourbon Smash made with Cranberry Sauce

I got creative with my Thanksgiving bundle courtesy of Ibotta and Walmart and created this Orange Cranberry Bourbon Smash using Great Value Cranberry Sauce. It truly gives this cocktail a bright and true cranberry flavor that is second to none.

It’s little things like this that take a cocktail from good to great and adds that special touch to your Thanksgiving table. In 2020, it’s the little things that matter!

orange cranberry bourbon smash up close
photos of bourbon smash in glasses

How to make an orange cranberry bourbon smash

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  • Add all of the ingredients, other than the ginger ale, to a cocktail shaker.
  • Muddle to combine.
  • Strain into a glass filled with ice.
  • Top up with ginger ale and serve.
overhead orange cranberry bourbon smash cocktails in glasses
orange cranberry bourbon smash garnished with orange and rosemary

Do you need a cocktail shaker to make this drink?

Don’t fret, if you don’t have a cocktail shaker, you can still make this recipe. The drink isn’t shaken, it’s muddled, so you can make this without one. A large mason jar or even a glass jug can be used in place of the shaker.

cocktail shakers

Our Fave Cocktail Shaker!

These fun and sturdy cocktail shakers can’t be beat. You don’t have to have one to make this recipe, but I do love having one in my arsenal.

Why muddle not shake?

Muddling releases the flavors of the fresh rosemary into the liquids and it’s a much more effective technique than shaking it. If you have a muddler, then this is the most effective tool, but you can also use the back of a tablespoon to press the rosemary against the sides of the glass.

Make it for a crowd

The recipe below is for one drink, but you can easily double and triple the recipe and make several drinks at the same time. Just make sure that your cocktail shaker is large enough.


  • Use freshly squeezed orange juice for the best flavor.
  • This cocktail is best enjoyed straight away so that the ice doesn’t dilute the drink.
  • Make this smash alcohol free by omitting the bourbon and using extra ginger ale.
orange cranberry bourbon smash cocktails in glasses

More Easy Holiday Cocktails

We love this bourbon smash for the holidays, but there’s always room on our table for a variety of fun cocktails. Check out some of our other favorites!

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We hope you love this Bourbon Smash as much as we do. It’s simply the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail recipe! Show us how you enjoyed in by adding a pic in the comments or leaving a rating.

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