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Sweet tea and frozen peaches blend together in this deliciously refreshing Peach Tea Slushie that’s so easy to make. The perfect pick-me-up drink on a hot afternoon!

Peach Tea Slushies

School is back in session for us which means we’re back on a schedule. The days start early and the afternoons are busy with activities. It’s the kind of schedule we definitely have to ease our way back into after summer break. The lazy days of summer, where we sleep in and fill our days with swimming, snacking and snoozing, are officially behind us.

Since it’s still pretty hot in Dallas, we like to treat ourselves to something cool and refreshing in the afternoons when we get home from school. These sweet and simple Peach Tea Slushies are a huge hit every time we make them!

They’re made with Red Diamond sweet tea and frozen peaches for a smooth and cold sip that’s perfectly sweetened and oh so refreshing!

Peach Tea SlushiesRed Diamond’s ready-to-drink sweet tea is made purely of tea leaves, water and sugar and nothing else. NO powders, concentrates, or preservatives. The tea tastes real and it always satisfies. The process is not easy, but they have perfected it. Red Diamond focuses on quality and consistency to ensure freshness every time, which is why it can only be found in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

I love that Red Diamond’s sweet tea is sweet but not too sweet. It pairs so perfectly with the natural sweetness of the peaches in this slushie. The flavor combination of tea and peaches is so yummy!

Peach Tea Slushies

Like I said, this slushie is so easy to blend up which is key when it comes to making a fun drink to sip on during a busy afternoon. Just add 2 cups frozen peaches to your blender with 1 cup Red Diamond sweet tea and blend until thick. Then add 1 more cup of sweet tea to the blender and blend until smooth yet slushie.

Peach Tea SlushiesPeach Tea Slushies

That’s all there is to it! I like to pour mine in a frosted glass if we’re hanging out by the pool at home or in an insulated tumbler if we’re headed out to a sports game or practice. Either way, it’s the perfect pick-me-up drink on a hot and busy afternoon.

The recipe makes two drinks, but you could always double or even triple it for a crowd. It’s so great to make for a pool party or backyard cookout. You can make it in advance and just keep it in a pitcher in the freezer. If frozen completely, let it set out at room temperature for about 20 minutes and then stir it before you’re ready to serve it. It’s such a crowd-pleasing drink!

Peach Tea Slushies

Cheers to getting back into the school routine while also enjoying the final weeks of the summer season!



Peach Tea Slushie


Sweet tea and frozen peaches blend together in this deliciously refreshing Peach Tea Slushie that’s so easy to make. The perfect pick-me-up drink on a hot afternoon!


Recipe type: Drinks

Serves: 2 drinks


  • 2 cups frozen peaches
  • 2 cups Red Diamond ready-to-drink sweet tea


  1. Add the frozen peaches and 1 cup sweet tea to a blender. Blend until thick.
  2. Add the additional 1 cup sweet tea to the blender and blend until smooth and slushie.
  3. Pour into cups and enjoy!


This post was created as part of my partnership with Red Diamond Coffee & Tea however thoughts and opinions are certainly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The BakerMama possible.

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