Quick lunch ideas for work

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Get some inspiration for tasty, healthy lunches that can be made in under 20 minutes with our quick recipes for a workday pick-me-up.

If you’re after more nourishing recipes, take a look at our healthy lunch ideas for work, all packed full of goodness.

Or, if you’re tired of slaving away over school meals, try our quick 15 healthy lunch ideas for kids, with recipes that will banish any thoughts of crisps.

Working from home? Discover even more stress-free recipes with our top 50 easy lunch ideas.

Quick lunch ideas

Curried turkey lettuce wrap

Turkey lettuce wrap

Enjoy a low-carb, low-fat lunch with these deliciously spiced lettuce cups. A great gluten-free alternative, using lettuce instead of a tortilla wrap ups the nutrition and adds a satisfying crunch.

Find more lighter lunches with our collection of lettuce wrap recipes.

Chicken taco salad

Taco salad

Say goodbye to boring salads with this zesty Mexican-inspired recipe. Packed with four of your 5-a-day, this salad will trump any supermarket sandwich for health value, and it’s got a gloriously crunchy topping, too.

Use up any leftover chicken with these nutritious chicken salad recipes.

Minted pea soup

Pea soup

Making soup doesn’t have to be chore with this healthy recipe, which takes just five minutes to whip up. Store in a flask to avoid leakage, or reheat at the office if you have a microwave on hand.

For more warming recipes to enjoy on a cold day, try our other soup recipes.

Super-salad wraps

Salad wrap

For a healthier and more exciting alternative to the classic sandwich, try these healthy wraps packed with nutritious fresh veg and bursting with flavour. Leave out the cheese for a vegan-friendly version, and wrap in cling film or foil to avoid spillage.

Never eat a soggy sandwich again with our collection of tasty wrap recipes.

Prawn, rice & mango jar salad

Salad jar

If you want a lunch that’s as good-looking as it is tasty, try this healthy layered salad with a zingy soy dressing. Swap out the prawns for a different protein source, if you like, and choose another reusable container if you don’t have a jar.

For fibre-packed lunches that leave you feeling fuller for longer, browse our rice salad recipes.

Smoked trout, beetroot & horseradish flatbread

Trout Flatbread

For a grown-up take on a pizza, try this fresh recipe with nutritious vegetables and a tangy yet creamy dressing. Guaranteed to leave you satisfied, and easy to swap out with other ingredients to switch things up.

Be the envy of your colleagues and make your own flatbreads with our easy flatbread recipes.

Deli-style stuffed falafel wrap

Falafel wrap

Beat the deli queues with a delicious homemade falafel wrap. Stuffed with red cabbage, cucumber, gherkin and spinach, this wrap tastes better than shop-bought, and is full of goodness to power you through the afternoon.

Use the weekend to have a go at making your own falafels with our easy healthy falafel recipe.

Ham, mushroom & spinach frittata

Spinach frittata

Frittatas are just as good cold as they are hot, and this filling dish will leave you satisfied while keeping the calorie count low. If you’re cooking for one, this recipe will give you two lunches in just 13 minutes.

Discover gluten-free lunches galore with both meaty and vegetarian frittata recipes.

Storecupboard pasta salad

Storecupboard pasta salad

No time for a supermarket trip but need to prep tomorrow’s lunch? We’ve got you covered with this simple pasta salad made with just storecupboard ingredients. But that doesn’t mean it lacks flavour, with punchy capers and pesto pepping up this nutritious lunch.

Learn how versatile pasta can be with our collection of pasta salad recipes.

Caesar pitta

Caesar Pitta

Love the flavours of a Caesar salad but want something more filling? This pitta is stuffed full of goodness and the Caesar dressing packs a punch, all taking just 10 minutes to prep.

Discover pitta pizzas and pockets with our collection of pitta bread recipes.

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