Rice with Fried Egg and Sausage

Rice with Fried Egg and Sausage


Ingredients: butter,1 egg,sprinkle of Nori Goma Furikake,½ cup Calrose rice,1 tablespoon Sesame oil,1 teaspoon thick soy sauce,1 turkey breakfast sausage link

  1. Cook rice fully in rice cooker or pot according to package directions.Cook turkey sausage according to package directions; we generally just use a skillet.For the egg, melt butter in skillet on medium heat.Crack egg into skillet and fry just until egg white is cooked, or sunny-side up, roughly 1 minute.Using a spatula to lightly break up the egg white around the yolk as it cooks will help ensure a fully cooked white, while keeping the yolk runny.Put rice in a bowl, and lightly drizzle on sesame oil, thick soy sauce, and furikake seasoning.
  2. Place the fried egg on top of the rice. Chop up sausage and toss it in the bowl.Just before eating, use a fork and knife to cut the egg up into small pieces and let the yolk run over the rice.


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