30 Best Grill Recipes for Summer

Summer is here, which means it’s grilling season! I’ve gathered some fun Summer Grilling Ideas to share with you guys so you’re prepared to make the most of the season. This guide is filled with the Best Grill Recipes, along with some summer grilling essentials and tips!

Summer is here, which means it’s grilling season! I’ve gathered some fun Summer Grilling Ideas to share with you guys so you’re prepared to make the most of the season. This guide is filled with the Best Grill Recipes, along with some summer grilling essentials and tips!

Best Grill Recipes for Summer

Summer Grilling season is here, so it’s time to pull out the best grill recipes to cook up for BBQs, grill outs, and summer get togethers! This is one of my favorite times of year for food, because there are so many great grilling ideas. Of course there are all the juicy meats (burgers, sausages, steaks) we salivate over, but I also love the grilled side dishes and healthier options for a bit of a change.

Grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken, grilled kebabs…so much delicious food to go around! My mind is filled with all the best summer grilling ideas to cook this season. I love firing up the grill with family and friends so that we can eat good and enjoy the weather at the same time.

This Guide to Summer Grilling is filled with all the info you need about using your grill, how to grill meat, tips and tricks to make grilling go smoothly, plus all the tools you’ll need to get through the summer. And of course I rounded up the BEST grill recipes from my site and from around the web to give you tons of grilling ideas to try out. We’ve got grilled chicken recipes, healthy grilled recipes, and even grilled side dishes!

Find the Best Grill Recipes, tips and tools, and tons of Summer Grilling Ideas right here in The Cookie Rookie Guide to Grilling!

Best Grills for Summer BBQs

Obviously summer grilling starts with a grill. There are a lot of different types of grills to choose from, including gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills, wood-fired grills, and you can get large grills or small grills. What works best for you will vary based on your needs and preferences. Here are a few favorite grill options to choose from.

We have 3 grills and I love them all for different reasons! We have a Big Green Egg, a Traeger Pellet Grill (my newest obsession), and a traditional Gas Grill. I’m adamant that I need them ALL and maybe even need more! 🙂

Summer Grilling Ideas: Grilling Essentials

You want to be prepared for all that grilling you’re going to be doing this summer. Here are some of the basic tools and appliances you’re going to be using when cooking up the best grill recipes.

Summer Grill Recipes: Ingredients to Stock up on

Since you’re going to be grilling all summer long, you might want to stock up on some basic ingredients to get you through the season. Most summer grill recipes are going to require some of the following items for cooking. Obviously you’ll want to get the fresh items just before grilling, but other items are easy to stock ahead of time.

Summer Grilling Basic Tips

  1. Make sure your grill is on a solid surface, away from flammable things.
  2. Flip meat as little as possible to keep it tender. Cook both sides, but don’t over flip!
  3. Longer cook time = lower temperature to avoid drying out the meat.
  4. Use aluminum foil to wrap vegetables, fish, and other items to make foil packet recipes.
  5. Always clean your grill after cooking.
  6. Use an instant read meat thermometer to check internal temperatures when grilling meat.

Grilling 101 FAQ

Is it better to grill with the lid open or closed?

It depends on what you’re cooking! Leave the lid open if you’re grilling burgers, vegetables, seafood, or other fast-cooking foods. If you’re grilling meats that need to cook for a longer period on low heat (ribs, thick cuts of meat, etc), keep the lid closed.

How long does it take to burn charcoal?

If you’re cooking with a charcoal grill, consider using a chimney starter to get the fire going. You’ll generally need to give the charcoal about 30 minutes to start burning and get hot enough to grill on.

How do you know when the grill is ready?

If you have a built-in grill thermometer, this will be easy to figure out. If you don’t, turn to the hand method. This isn’t the most scientific method, but it’s a tried and true technique for grilling!

  1. Hold your hand just above the grill (about 3 inches, & be careful!)
  2. Count how many seconds pass until you need to pull your hand away due to the heat (this isn’t a challenge so don’t hold it longer than you need to)
  3. Use the chart to determine the temperature of the grill

1-2 seconds = 450-500 F (High)

2-4 seconds = 400-450 F (Medium-High)

4-5 seconds = 350-400 F (Medium)

6-7 seconds = 300-350 F (Medium-Low)

7-9 seconds = 250-300 F (Low)

What is considered Medium heat on a grill?

If you want to cook on medium heat, your grill temperature should be at about 350-400 F.

Best Internal Temperatures for Grilling Meat

Cooking meat always requires you to be very adamant about temperatures. Your meat should be cooked within certain temperature ranges for safety reasons, but grill temperatures can also vary for the sake of flavor and how you prefer your meat to be cooked. Here’s a simple outline of grill temperatures for various types of meat. Note that these are internal temperatures of the meat (not the temperature of the grill) and should be read with a meat thermometer.

Internal Temperature for Steak

  • Rare 130-135 F
  • Medium Rare 140 F
  • Medium 155 F
  • Well Done 165 F

Internal Temperature for Burgers

  • Rare 120-125 F
  • Medium Rare 130135 F
  • Medium Well 150-155 F
  • Well Done 160-165 F

Internal Temperature for Chicken

Grilled Chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 F. Anything less is considered unsafe to eat.

Internal Temperature for Salmon

I recommend cooking Salmon to an internal temperature of about 130-140 F.

Internal Temperature for Ribs

Grilled ribs taste bet when cooked to an internal temperature of about 190-200 F. This makes them super tender and juicy. However, they are safe to eat as long as they are cooked to at least 145 F.

See the recipe card below for a basic recipe on How to Grill a Steak. Then read on for all of our favorite grilling recipes!

Summer is here, which means it’s grilling season! I’ve gathered some fun Summer Grilling Ideas to share with you guys so you’re prepared to make the most of the season. This guide is filled with the Best Grill Recipes, along with some summer grilling essentials and tips!

How to Grill a Steak

A nice juicy steak is one of the best grill recipes for summer! Learn the basics of how to grill a steak to perfection.


  1. Trim excess fat from the steak (but leave a little bit for flavor)

  2. Let the steak sit at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before cooking

  3. Prepare the grill and heat up about 30 minutes before cooking

  4. Pat away extra moisture from the steak, and then season to your liking

  5. Sear steaks until they lift without sticking to the grates

  6. Turn your steaks over once and continue cooking

  7. Use meat thermometer to check internal temperatures. A medium-rare steak should heat to about 140 F. Medium will be closer to 155 F and Well Done should be at a temperature of 165 F.

  8. Remove the steaks from the grill when the thermometer reads about 5 degrees lower than you want it (the meat will continue cooking after removed from the grill).

  9. Let the steaks cool briefly before serving

Nutrition Facts

How to Grill a Steak

Amount Per Serving

Calories 470 Calories from Fat 279

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 31g 48%

Saturated Fat 14g 70%

Cholesterol 137mg 46%

Sodium 117mg 5%

Potassium 605mg 17%

Protein 45g 90%

Vitamin A 0.7%

Calcium 1.6%

Iron 21.6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Lastly, We have gathered all of our fave grilling recipes for you! Enjoy!

30 Summer Grilling Ideas (The Best Grill Recipes to Cook up This Summer)

I’ve gathered 30 of the best grill recipes for summer for you to try out. Whether you prefer chicken, beef, fish, healthier options, or even just a fun side dish, there’s a delicious summer grilling idea here that you’ll absolutely love!

Best Grill Recipes: Grilled Chicken Kebabs

Best Grill Recipes: Chicken

Best Grill Recipes, Summer grilling ideas

Best Grill Recipes: Meat Lovers

Healthy grilled recipes, Salmon foil packets

Best Grill Recipes: Healthy Options

Best Grilled Side Dishes: Grilled Asparagus with lemon

Best Grill Recipes: Side Dishes

Well, I hope this Guide to Summer Grilling Ideas inspired you to get the grill out and start cooking! Summer isn’t complete until you’ve had a BBQ, so pick your favorite recipes and try them out with your family and friends. Whether you prefer chicken, beef, or fish, or vegetables, you’ll find something here to suit you.

Fire up the grill and enjoy your summer!

Watch the video to see how to make Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

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