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Cause a stir at your child’s birthday with our jiggly jellies, stripy watermelon stunners and retro milkshakes, or ramp up the fun factor with creative punches and beautiful fruity blends. Kids will love these colourful recipes and fun presentation. Pair them with our top kids’ party snacks for an impressive selection that’ll capture their imagination. Looking for something special to take your party to the next level? Our mocktails are perfect for a grown-up celebration, too. Whether it’s a simple recipe with a tasty twist like our pink lemonade or a whole new creation, you’ll find something to suit every taste.

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1. Watermelon lemonade

Scoop out a watermelon to create not just a delicious drink but a quirky cup as well! Our watermelon lemonade looks super impressive – and you don’t need to tell anyone how easy it is to make. Kids and adults alike will want to get their hands around these wonderful watermelons filled with a dash of citrus, soda water and mint. Try this for a refreshing summer tipple.

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2. Raspberry lemonade slushies

Making these vibrant raspberry lemonade slushies is as easy as pressing a button on the blender. Whizz up your frozen ingredients, then divide your smooth slush into jars. Instead of sugar, we use agave syrup or honey for a healthier swap. If you have a bag of frozen berries in the freezer, you’re already halfway there.

3. Fruity mocktail

A non-alcoholic take on classic tequila sunrise, this fruity mocktail is made with grenadine and orange juice, so you’ll still have the beautiful colour gradation effect. To make it even more fun, layer up grapes and blueberries (or any other small round fruit) on skewers to make some super-stackable stirrers. These versatile drinks would go down equally well at a summer gathering or festive celebration, and you could customise with different fruity juices accordingly.

4. Peach iced tea

Staying on the fruity theme, a few jugs of peach iced tea will make the perfect thirst quencher on hot summer days. With plenty to occupy the kids outdoors, they’ll be glad to have some refreshing drinks on standby. It’s easy to make by cooking chopped peaches and sugar until syrupy. This can then be added to a plain iced tea base made from teabags infused in boiling water. After chilling, serve the iced tea with peach slices and water and watch it disappear in no time!

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5. Smoothie jellies

Mini spoons at the ready! Serve up our smoothie jellies with ice cream for a tiny twist on a kids’ party classic. This recipe makes a delicious alternative to sugar-laden shop-bought jellies (and we use agave syrup or honey for a healthier sugar swap). These colourful cups will be gobbled up in no time. Try our top tip for getting the perfect scoop; dip a 1 tbsp measuring spoon in warm water, shake off any excess liquid, then carve out your ice cream.

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6. Apple, elderflower & mint sparkle

Our apple, elderflower & mint sparkle is a grown-up party punch with delicate, fruity flavours. This recipe is easily doubled or halved, making it the ideal drink whether you’re serving for a big crowd or small gathering. Take apple juice to the next level with a dash of elderflower cordial and sparkling or soda water. We love the simplicity of this terrific thirst-quencher.

7. Watermelon & strawberry slushie

Why munch your way through a cool slice of watermelon when you can drink it in slushie form? Our watermelon & strawberry iced fruit slushie needs just three ingredients, with no extra nasties. They’re so delicious, you’ll need to watch out for brain freeze from speedy slurping.

8. Homemade ginger beer

Keep everyone hydrated at a family barbecue or picnic with a big bottle of fizzy ginger pop. This citrussy beverage has a subtle spicy kick from the fresh ginger, making it a fun and sophisticated choice for teen garden parties. Our easy homemade ginger beer recipe cuts out the need for long brewing methods – instead, you just need to make a batch of syrupy ginger cordial that can be added to sparkling water or soda.

9. Goji berry & raspberry cooler

For older kids with more adventurous tastebuds, our goji berry & raspberry cooler is not only bursting with tangy flavour, but also full of goodness. As well as being a source of vitamin C, zinc and iron, goji berries are packed with gut-friendly fibre and help maintain eye health. A dash of honey balances the sharpness from the berries and ginger adds a small kick. Serve chilled with crushed ice, raspberries and mint to garnish.

10. Vanilla milkshake bar

Give your kids a party spread to remember with our all-out indulgent vanilla milkshake bar. Sure to be the envy of all birthday beverages, this colourful spread of tempting treats allows guests to mix and match their own flavours and toppings. Make up a large jug of vanilla ice cream milkshake and serve with small bowls of mini cookies, sprinkles, marshmallows and other sweets of your choice, as well as the all-important squirty cream. Challenge everyone to come up with the most elaborate toppings combination and you are sure to get some spectacular results!

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